“Design is the silent ambassador of your brand”

Paul Rand



Caramanna Creative Design is a Toronto based graphic design company, specializing in the food industry.  Our design services include logo & brand development, package design, promotional sales material, and trade show display graphics.


No one knows your company better than you; which is why the first thing we do is listen and talk.  A great brand begins with a clear definition of the values you want to establish in the short and long term vision of your company.  With this information, we strive to develop a brand that is clear, practical and visually rich, through the steps of our following process:


Concept Strategy




We believe that a strong brand requires a balance between strategy and design.  A beautiful design is ineffective without proper strategy to support it.  Likewise, a strong idea without a compelling design is difficult to fall in love with.  Therefore, with a healthy dose of passion, creativity and hard work, we strive to create a visual identity within the brand, conveying clear values and product appeal; thus connecting with people.  The chief goal is to help build a bond between you and the consumer.


Caramanna Creative Design

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