Importance of Package Design

There’s an old saying that goes as such, “Do not judge a book by its cover”. This quote exists because the average person DOES judge a book by its cover. Needless to say, this quote applies to everything we see.   This quote is especially relevant when consumers see a package design, marketing material or advertisement. Customers judge the quality of a product inside the package, solely based upon what they see printed on the outside of the package.

When it comes to food products, customers depend on the appearance of the package photography and package design, to judge whether the quality of the product inside the package meets their standards. Furthermore, through the style of food photography, typography (style of fonts used), colour and key wording, consumers are swayed into the notion of whether the actual product is upscale, comfort food, healthy choice, freshly picked etc. It is the package design that influences the consumers thought process about the actual product inside the package.


As a matter of fact, most large chain stores will not carry a product if the package design does not meet their standards, even if the taste and quality of a product is spectacular; simply because they know that the product will not sell if it does not appeal on the shelf. Package design is so critical to the overall life of a company, that I have personally seen companies grow and expand their business and warehouses after redesigning the look and feel of their packaging. Companies that were not able to obtain shelf space in large grocery stores with their old packaging, were then able to get listed and thrive with their new rebranding / package design.   I have also seen brands save their shelf space in large grocery stores due to new package design. Sales that were slowly dropping began to regain growth and keep their listings in stores due to an updated new package design. That said, package design / branding is one of the most important aspects of a food business and should not be overlooked or disregarded.